Masters of Design 2006 - Judging Comments for Ron Coker Jr. & Jeff Mittelman

Masters of Design 2006
Judge's Verdict for The Artist: Ron Coker Jr. & Jeff Mittelman:

“There is some incredible stone and boulder work here. You’ve got that immense, precise negative edge on the back of the spa that frames the view of the golf course. The wall on the face of that spa has a nice dry stack. They used big, masculine pieces of stone on the steps going up to the spa. It all looks natural and indigenous — the grass, the stone, the materials."

“It almost reminds me of being up in a castle tower, looking down on the lands. You’ve got the tranquility of the waterfalls. It’s a natural setting that fits well with the landscape around it. It looks secluded and peaceful, but also inviting. It comes together to create a romantic environment. And what more is there than romance?”

— Mike Ferraro, President
Phoenician Pool Construction
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