Masters of Design 2006 - Judging Comments for Grabow Sidan & Goni

Masters of Design 2006 Judge's Verdict for The Artists: Ira Grabow, Sid Sidan & Frank Goni: “I like the flow of the pool, its simplicity. It finishes the house and looks like an extension of the architecture. The water color matches the ocean perfectly. My eye gets drawn to the water and out to the ocean." “This is a long pool. It took some feat to build it, to form the negative edge and spa, how it comes around and is suspended 8 feet out of the ground. The pool also is close to the house. They put in a grate for drainage, so when water runs off the roof of the house, it doesn’t go into the pool. It takes a lot to pull those details off and still have everything tie in so well.” — Mike Ferraro, President Phoenician Pool Construction View Article by Shabnam Mogharabi Pool & Spa News